Roof lights are a unique way of altering your property giving a total new look on the inside. Whatever colour,shape,size these are completely made from scratch to your own unique specifications,why have a standard flatroof when it can be created into a beautiful centre feature for your property ,also adding extra natural daylight and ventilation.From plain double or triple glazed units, tinted,opening or stained glass style,quite literally you choose your own creation and we make,supply and fit with minimal disruption and plenty of benefits.Contact for more information,examples etc.

Velux Windows

Velux windows are manufactured in all different shapes,sizes,colours,manual opening,remote opening,built in blinds etc.Quite literaly whatever you require for your property.The difference these can make in your property is realy quite amazing,whether it be for added light or for stunning views whatever the case may be.Contact for more information,examples etc.

Leadwork Specialist

Whether it be a simple chymneystack to re -lead or a full lead pleated dorma/leadroof,fully experienced in all aspects,simple or traditionaly patterned.Extremely versatile and long lasting leadwork is one of the very few things in the building industry which has never been able to be fully adapted or changed for centuries,the likes of churches for example.Perfection cant be altered.


At times roofs need completely replacing,whether it be due to lack of a felt underlay,financally un-viable to repair or beyond repair.whatever the case may be we provide a complete roofing service from start to finish,slate,concrete tile,clay pantile, literaly anything that is required to give you the reassurance of having a good quality,watertight,longlasting roof on your property.


Whether it be a simple extension on your property,house of your dreams or new developments with multiple properties(sitework).We can cater for all your requirements,supply materials and labour or just labour only.

Roof Repairs/Pointing

As most roofs are made in sections sometimes things fail,get weather damaged,worn etc.times when its not neccesary to completely replace the roof,new or reclaimed materials can be used to try to look or blend in with the original materials.Many items,ridges,slates,chymney pots etc are stored at our reclaimed yard to be re used,thus keeping in with rules and regulations of listed buildings,conservation areas,or just the general appearance/character of your property.


Pointing of ridges,chymneys,brickwork is a service we also provide whether it be simply re skimming of ridges or to full grinding out and re-point of all your property,we can provide whatever service you require.

Traditional built up torch on felt roofing is available or a more modern design GRP.(FIBREGLASS)

The built up torch on felt roofing comprises of base layers of felt heated up with a gas bottle and torch which then melts the bitumen(LIKE TAR ) on the back of the felt and when applied to your flat roof ceates a fully water proof hardwearing sealed layer,applying a mineral top coat then gives a final finish to your flatroof.

GRP is a very versatile and extremely tough,this is also built up in layers but without the dangers of a gas burner or bottle and torch.Designed more for a flatroof with brand new boards as GRP fully moulds to the shapes and contours of your roof.Breifly comprising of a very tough liquid resin which when added with a chemical activater turns rock solid and completely waterproofing the base layer,a second layer of a fibreglass matting is then prepd,rollered and consolidated with another layer of liquid resin with a chemical activater.After this layer has gone 'off'(HARD) a final top layer of fibreglass topcoat paint is then applied,this can come in many different basic colours to suit your purpose/property.A top coat shingle(NON SLIP CHIPPINGS) can also be added if being used for foot traffic,ie balconies,sun decks etc.
Fascias, Soffits, Guttering
upvc fascias,soffits,guttering can be supplied and fitted leaving a fresh,clean, maintenance free new look to your property. Various styles and colour are available whether it be black,white,brown,grey.These can be mix and match if you require,ie white fascia and black guttering etc.If full replacemeant fascia is used any existing wooden fascia is completely removed or a upvc cap over is available which is securely affixed to existing fascias.UPVC cladding is also a very popular request to dorma sides,porch ceilings etc .This is cut and pre formed to suit any design/shape/length leaving a fully waterproof clean maintenance free surface.A dry verge gable system is also available in different colours to suit your roof tiles,these take the maintenance out of cement work failure  to any gables again leaving a nice fresh look to your property.
Bird Prevention            

Bird Prevention

As we all know birds are a part of nature but also in the wrong places can become a natural pest,pigeons and seagulls.Seagulls generally being the more common attacker in protecting their young. we have several humane ways of discouraging and prevention.Bird spikes are generally the more popular choice for ridge lines,chimneys,shop canopies etc. These are humane and deter birds from landing and building of nests harder.For big open areas like flatroofs,factory roofs etc ,industrial netting used as prevention. for coping stones,stone cappings,wall bounderies ,wire pulled taught with giding pins prevent the landing,nesting of birds
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